Organizational Philosophy

Enshrined in the Philippine Constitution and the enabling provisions of Higher Education Modernization Act (RA 8292) and the EVSU Charter (RA 9311) are enunciations stipulating clearly the guarantee of the exercise of academic freedom as an intrinsic treat among the Universities including especially in the conduct of its academic function in Research and Extension. In EVSU, the organization dedicated with the tasked to spearhead, manage, direct, coordinate, oversee and assume official responsibility that this important mandate is fulfilled is the Office of Research and Development, and Extension (ORDEx).

The innate nature of the University comprising of its distinct professional competencies in varied disciplines inevitably creates and sustains a collective community of intellectuals. The specialized fields of discipline nurtured by the University summarize the wealth of professional expertise and technical prowess of EVSU. Sustaining the learning process and rolling it out into the community is without doubt an essential part of the school’s mandated mission. The primordial task of ORDEx in order to succeed in the area of research and development and extension, is to elect, develop, synergize, nurture and sustain a cohesive community of researchers and extension specialists that would deliver the solid contribution of EVSU in the unrelenting socio-economic development endeavors of the Philippines.

The universal premise accepted is that the conduct of research and extension services is an academic fiat credited for all the members of the faculty of the University. The distinctive scholarly practice of research and extension is an enabler mechanism to sustain the perpetual interrelated and interfaced function (learning-sharing-teaching)of the traditional trifocal academic cycle (research, extension and instruction). This is necessary in order to develop and help bring in new and innovative knowledge. The RIPE (research, instruction, production and extension) effort is believed to be wholly beneficial to the entire intellectual learning process by enhancing the use of sciences and technical know-how of the respective fields of proficiencies of the University in a manner that would induce inclusive growth of the country. This academic concept and practice is altogether recognized by EVSU ORDEx to be professionally valid, ethically sound, and legitimately founded.

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